Monday, 29 April 2013

"Let's Get Together.....for a Workout!?"

What is the first thought in your head when you want to get together with friends? If it is to get together for coffee....or a are thinking like most of society. Today I had the opportunity to arrange a social date with two friends who took part in Windsor's "Get Fit Challenge" this past fall.

Of course my first thought was getting together for coffee.....but it just did not feel right....these two ladies have inspired me to make positive changes in my lifestyle. How could I possibly suggest meeting them at someplace like a local donut shop!? I then had a brainstorm....maybe we could get together and workout!! They are self proclaimed Adrenaline junkies and attend AXFIT regularly for their workouts. I am a member of Goodlife Fitness invitation has gone out and I am now looking forward to asking my club for two guest passes and working out with them......and swapping recipes, ideas, and motivation!!

Especially now that the better weather is here, when you have the occasion to get together with friends....think OUTSIDE!! A stroll along the riverfront, in a local park or even around the neighbourhood ( I love looking at new houses going up!) offer wonderful time to chat and get in some exercise! Not only will you avoid consuming high fat and calorie drinks and treats or, even worse, feeling deprived by sitting there while smelling and seeing temptations and you willpower and motivation taking a major hit!

So think outside the box! Be a kid on the playground equipment and the swings....see who can go the highest!! The point of meeting up with friends is to have a good time and catch up. No reason you can get some activity at the same is a win-win solution!!

Let me know what you do now when you get together with friends instead of sitting in a restaurant eating and drinking....

Yours in Health,