Sunday, 26 May 2013

Shutting Out the Negative Talk...

Sometimes I think that the hardest part of making healthy changes is not the trips to the gym....the limiting of unhealthy food choices but the mental games your mind plays.You know what I mean....I am sure you have heard of the phrase...."you are your own worst enemy."

As I continue on this journey I find that self sabotagging is one of the biggest factors I am having to deal with. Some nights after I finally get my two little ones into bed I find myself attempting to to talk myself OUT of going to workout! I have come to LOVE the gym....but here is my mind....finding all of the excuses it can come up with; too late, too tired, I have to get up early in the morning, I am sore etc..... I am sure you can fill in your own "usual" excuses.

When you find that happening you have to find a way to shut out the negative self talk. A new friend at the gym says to me, "Sheri, you only have ONE job; just show up. The rest will take care of itself!" The first time he said that to me it was like a light bulb went off in my head! Of course!! If I actually get myself to the gym on those nights that I most DON'T want to that point I have won the battle! Who goes to the gym and fails to workout!?

At that point even if you get on that elliptical or treadmill and think....."Oh, ok......just half an hour instead of my usual hour long workout" won't be able to quit on yourself! You will find that after putting in the effort to get yourself here....nothing is going to cheat you out of completing a complete workout!

Try it the next time you are feeling like not leaving the house to hit the gym. Just remember......

"You only have one job......JUST SHOW UP!!"

Yours in Health,