Monday, 29 April 2013

"Let's Get Together.....for a Workout!?"

What is the first thought in your head when you want to get together with friends? If it is to get together for coffee....or a are thinking like most of society. Today I had the opportunity to arrange a social date with two friends who took part in Windsor's "Get Fit Challenge" this past fall.

Of course my first thought was getting together for coffee.....but it just did not feel right....these two ladies have inspired me to make positive changes in my lifestyle. How could I possibly suggest meeting them at someplace like a local donut shop!? I then had a brainstorm....maybe we could get together and workout!! They are self proclaimed Adrenaline junkies and attend AXFIT regularly for their workouts. I am a member of Goodlife Fitness invitation has gone out and I am now looking forward to asking my club for two guest passes and working out with them......and swapping recipes, ideas, and motivation!!

Especially now that the better weather is here, when you have the occasion to get together with friends....think OUTSIDE!! A stroll along the riverfront, in a local park or even around the neighbourhood ( I love looking at new houses going up!) offer wonderful time to chat and get in some exercise! Not only will you avoid consuming high fat and calorie drinks and treats or, even worse, feeling deprived by sitting there while smelling and seeing temptations and you willpower and motivation taking a major hit!

So think outside the box! Be a kid on the playground equipment and the swings....see who can go the highest!! The point of meeting up with friends is to have a good time and catch up. No reason you can get some activity at the same is a win-win solution!!

Let me know what you do now when you get together with friends instead of sitting in a restaurant eating and drinking....

Yours in Health,


Thursday, 18 April 2013

Trustworthy Sources for Healthy Living Advice

If you have ever surfed the web after advice for healthy living choices you likely found the same thing I did......enough conflicting advice to make you head spin! With social media and the entire internet at our fingertips who do we trust and who do we turn to for "next steps" in our journey for better health?

My first souce is not found in the high speed, easy access world wide web. Call me old-fashion (I do turn 42 next weekend) but I trust the old fashion, ever trustworthy.....word of mouth! If you want to know how to live a healthy lifestyle; making better food choices, how to maximize your workouts, etc... ask someone who is living the lifestyle!

I had a great conversation with  someone I am honoured to call a friend. He has assisted me in motivation, suggestions and tips on my journey. Today I had a specific topic to "pick his brain" about and he was a wealth of information! I have completely eliminated my three biggest vices; chocolate, pop, and ice cream. Now I am in search of what to add to my eating habits.

I have sooo much to figure out but after my conversation I know where to start this part of my journey. We spoke about citrus being amazing as elmusifuers and omega fats being so good for the body (especially your joints which is always a concern as you become more active). He spoke of ways to decrease my carbrohydrate intake while increasing my motabolism. But there was one point that was stressed over and above everything else....and I want to pass this advice on to you........


This may seem obvious to may already be in the habit of eating breakfast each and every's the catch...... a cup of coffee or simply a piece of toast or a simple bowl of cereal is NOT enough! joke! You have to eat the most food of the day at breakfast! Who knew!!?! This, according to my educated and VERY healthy friend, is the most important meal  of the day (which we have all known since we were kids) but also sets the tone for your metabolism for the entire day! So you make healthy choices all out extra hard at the gym.....drink your water....stay away from your "no-no" foods.....but if you have not eaten a substantial, healthy breakfast, you have not gained everything you could have by all of these good choices!

So here we go.....starting tomorrow......I am committed to eating a healthy breakfast each and every excuses! Over the next few weeks I will make changes so that my breakfast includes fewer carbs and more protein and definitely citrus.

I have to thank my friend for all of his words of wisdom. I hope he is patient with me as I continue to pick his brain for information during my journey. I am Blessed to have someone as knowledgeable and informative as support. Seek someone who is able to help in your journey.....we all know a person or people who are living healthy lives. Simply start the conversation by asking......"I am interested....what exactly does your [daily food intake...or exercise routine.....] look like?

As I continue to learn I will be sure to share with you tips and tidbits to help....please share yours as well. Better health is a never-ending journey....what makes it enjoyable is sharing with each other.....

Yours in Better Health,


Sunday, 14 April 2013

My First 5K.......

Well I completed my first 5K walk today. It was the Run for Rocky along the riverfront and although the weather was cold and wet we had a great time! I say we because I walked with friends as well as my two younger children.

I was apprehensive to bring my 3 and 5 year old with me. I did not know how they would do behaviour wise. I also did not know if they would sit the whole time. Well sometime in life we find inspiration in the strangest of places. Today it came from my 5 year old daughter.

My 3 year old stayed in the stroller the whole time because she was very tired. My 5 year old daughter, however, decided to walk when we reached the half way point. Well I figured that she would walk for 5 minutes or so before she got bored or tired and settled back into the double stroller for the remainder of the walk back. To my surprise, the second time I asked if she wanted back in, my daughter said with complete enthusiasm and determination, "No way Mama....we can't give up....we have to keep going!!"

Indeed she crossed the finish line on her feet and was cheered on by some of those who had already completed the 5K! What an inspiration she was when I was wet, and my feet were getting sore! "Don't give up Mama!" is what she turned about a few times just out of the blue and said to me! I had no idea what a great coach she would be! It did not matter that my time was slower pushing the stroller; WE completed the 5K together.....encouraging each other along the way. It felt wonderful to have my own cheerleader with me!

My next 5K (whenever it is before the Detroit Marathon 5K this fall) I may do by myself to see how much faster I can go without the stroller and stopping along the way to help my children (snacks, mittens, and drinks were gotten as well as blankets picked up off the ground). But it won't be the same without my cheerleader. I have a feeling that she won't even ALLOW me to go without her!

I learnt a very valuable lesson today. Inspiration and motivation can be found when you least expect it....IF you have your eyes open to see it and your mind and heart open to accepting it! Instead of my girls slowing me down today I found inspiration and motivation to do better and not give up!

Years from now I look forward to letting my 5 year old read this post and telling her how much her enthusiasm encouraged me during my first 5K. I am sure it won't be long before they are both walking or running along side me at charity walk/runs!

Where is the most surprising place you found inspiration?


Friday, 12 April 2013

Where Do I Start?!?

Welcome back! IF you have returned or have continued to read this second post then you are ready to jump on my "health train" and enjoy our journey! You are probably thinking, "Sure.....why not.....I have tried everything else....let's see what she has to say that works......". Last summer I had reached a point of knowing I was out of control....again.....but did not really know where to start. I had tried the diets and I had tried the exercise programs; always to not stay committed and giving up. DON'T WORRY!! This time is is not a DIET and it is NOT an all or nothing approach to getting healthy. Weight loss is not even your major focus! Who knew!?!

I started with the help of Julia's book, "The Vice Busting Diet". I highly recommend you downloading a copy of it from the website. There is also a workbook to help you and an audio version of the book. This is not a may think....NOPE.....NO WAY......I refuse to read yet another weight loss book! All you really need is you........the honest, no bull person that you are.

Only you know where it is best for you to start. Pick just ONE change today. Maybe it is a vice that you know is a huge factor in preventing you from a healthier lifestyle. It maybe a food (I mentioned a few in my first post) or it may be that you always have seconds at each meal. One of the most popular stumbling blocks is the dreaded "after 8 munchies". Once my two little ones are in bed and the house is quiet.....WATCH OUT!! I am prowling through the kitchen like I have not eaten in a week! It is VERY hard to sit in front of the computer or t.v. and not eat. Whatever you decide....and this is the most important thing for you to take away has to be a choice you can completely commit to. Don't think, "What.....I can NEVER eat chips again!?!" I encourage you to think, "Just not NOW......maybe when I am as healthy as I want to be I will re-introduce [insert your vice here] again into my life."

I can honestly say that I don't miss chocolate.....MOST of the time. Pop and ice cream have been much harder for me to give up. There are a few thoughts that have helped me and I want to pass them on to you. I honestly don't know where they originated; I found them on either Pinterest or Facebook.
      "With every food choice you either fight disease, or feed disease."
      " The only person you should compare yourself to is the person
          you were yesterday."
Having a few phrases in your brain that can help encourage you when no one is around to help you make healthy choices really helps.

So think about one change that you are able to commit to today and think of a phrase or two that you will be able to rely on to help you through those difficult times and please share them with us all below. I am and will always be searching for new and interesting ways to improve my journey and your sharing will help me.

Enjoy your weekend and enjoy making healthy choices!


Thursday, 11 April 2013

Welcome to Forty Something and Getting Healthy Blog!

Welcome Friends!

My name is Sheri and I have fought my weight and been unhealthy for as long back into my childhood as I can remember. Just as many of you, I have tried almost every diet out there and had some success only to have all the weight and more come back on.

Last July I decided to finally start making permanent changes in my life to eliminate the unhealthy habits and replace them with healthier choices. I started following "The Vice Busting Diet" written by Julia Havey. After contacting her she also agreed to help me in my journey. IF you don't know about her; look her up on Facebook or at All of her materials are free to download and use thanks to the makers of PGX.

PGX is a fiber supplement that is used to increase your fiber, assist in your water intake, and help you feel full and not give into cravings between meals. Combining this with Julia's down to earth, small step approach to losing unwanted weight has been a combination that has allowed me to cut out my biggest vices.

I had my last piece of chocolate on July 22, 2012......yes I know how unthinkable it is for some of you to give chocolate up! For others it may be fast food, pop, ice cream or chips......but there are those things that you eat every day and can't seem to stop at one or say "no thank you" to. Those Julia would call "vices". Until I know I can control them instead of them controlling me I can't have any chocolate, pop, or ice cream.

It has been a struggle and to be honest, pop and ice cream have been harder for me than the chocolate...and I was a chocolatholic! But something I started doing was forgiving myself and having a "no blame, no guilt" attitude. Julia often reminded me that as long as there are more positive days than unhealthy days I am still moving forward on my journey!

I am glad you have decided to follow along with me on my journey....or now.....our journey! I have had the on-going support of so many family members and friends that I will never be able to thank them! You need a support system to help you. You need someone to complain to when you are impatient and don't see the number on the scale going down as much as you think it should be (I am only weighing myself once or twice a month). You must have someone who will say....." ARE going to the get your a** off the computer and I will meet you there in 15 minutes". And....most of all.....although if you are like me you don't take compliments well but, deep down but LOVE to hear need people to recognise your efforts and applaud you on your journey.

So here I am......9 months into my journey. Two weeks ago I joined a local gym to increase my workouts ( I had been walking to work toward participating in a 5K but felt I needed more in a workout). I have begun not only doing cardio but also strength training and working on my core. I have had some amazing ladies offer encouragement and advice and am feeling even better about where I am going in this journey. I am also participating in my first 5K walk/run this coming Sunday! I can't wait to participate knowing that a year ago I would have only sponsored someone else to take part in this fundraiser!

So.....enough about is my blog. I am going to be chronicling my journey in several ways. I will be adding recipes, inspirational quotes, exercise techniques that I find and like, my struggles and my accomplishments, my goals; both long-term and short-term, and anything else relating to my journey. I hope you respond with your thoughts, tips, and advice! I WON'T be sharing with you my weight or any other "numbers". This journey is not about a set size or weight for me. I will share how much I am up or down on the scale but that is it. I have over a dozen goals set out at this point and NOT ONE has a number in it! A number does not equate to how much stronger I feel, or how much more I can run and play with my children. It has nothing to do with how much less my joints are hurting and even less to do with how much better I am feeling about myself.

My first words of encouragement to you is this;

Don't focus on the numbers......doing that will only sabotage your efforts to become healthier. Healthy is not a is a state of mind combined with good food choices and an active lifestyle.

So until next post, get out there....get active.....and commit to just one healthy choice at a time!

Yours in health,