Thursday, 18 April 2013

Trustworthy Sources for Healthy Living Advice

If you have ever surfed the web after advice for healthy living choices you likely found the same thing I did......enough conflicting advice to make you head spin! With social media and the entire internet at our fingertips who do we trust and who do we turn to for "next steps" in our journey for better health?

My first souce is not found in the high speed, easy access world wide web. Call me old-fashion (I do turn 42 next weekend) but I trust the old fashion, ever trustworthy.....word of mouth! If you want to know how to live a healthy lifestyle; making better food choices, how to maximize your workouts, etc... ask someone who is living the lifestyle!

I had a great conversation with  someone I am honoured to call a friend. He has assisted me in motivation, suggestions and tips on my journey. Today I had a specific topic to "pick his brain" about and he was a wealth of information! I have completely eliminated my three biggest vices; chocolate, pop, and ice cream. Now I am in search of what to add to my eating habits.

I have sooo much to figure out but after my conversation I know where to start this part of my journey. We spoke about citrus being amazing as elmusifuers and omega fats being so good for the body (especially your joints which is always a concern as you become more active). He spoke of ways to decrease my carbrohydrate intake while increasing my motabolism. But there was one point that was stressed over and above everything else....and I want to pass this advice on to you........


This may seem obvious to may already be in the habit of eating breakfast each and every's the catch...... a cup of coffee or simply a piece of toast or a simple bowl of cereal is NOT enough! joke! You have to eat the most food of the day at breakfast! Who knew!!?! This, according to my educated and VERY healthy friend, is the most important meal  of the day (which we have all known since we were kids) but also sets the tone for your metabolism for the entire day! So you make healthy choices all out extra hard at the gym.....drink your water....stay away from your "no-no" foods.....but if you have not eaten a substantial, healthy breakfast, you have not gained everything you could have by all of these good choices!

So here we go.....starting tomorrow......I am committed to eating a healthy breakfast each and every excuses! Over the next few weeks I will make changes so that my breakfast includes fewer carbs and more protein and definitely citrus.

I have to thank my friend for all of his words of wisdom. I hope he is patient with me as I continue to pick his brain for information during my journey. I am Blessed to have someone as knowledgeable and informative as support. Seek someone who is able to help in your journey.....we all know a person or people who are living healthy lives. Simply start the conversation by asking......"I am interested....what exactly does your [daily food intake...or exercise routine.....] look like?

As I continue to learn I will be sure to share with you tips and tidbits to help....please share yours as well. Better health is a never-ending journey....what makes it enjoyable is sharing with each other.....

Yours in Better Health,