Saturday, 5 October 2013

Weekend Warriors

Are you a Weekend Warrior? That is what my gym calls those who come into the gym during the weekend. I have not make a habit of going to the gym on either Saturday or Sunday; those days are for family. This weekend, however, I am going to be a weekend warrior and I am taking my two little Chicklets with me!

Sunday is the CIBC "Run for the Cure" 5K walk/run. I am honoured to be walking on a friend's team who happens to be a wonderful person, dedicated teacher, and amazing survivor. As 25+ people on her team (named "Save Second Base") gather to walk to help find a cure, I realise that for the second time since making changes in my lifestyle, I am setting an example for my younger girls. They are sooo excited to participate in this event! Last time my 5 year old walked half way; 2.5K!! I was so proud of her and she was such a great cheerleader. "Come on Mama....We can't stop now!" was just one of the chants she said as we walked back in the cold, rain. I can't wait to experience this second 5K with my children this weekend. My 5 year old wants to try to walk the whole way; how proud am I!?!? I will be sure to follow up with a post after we are back home Sunday. But I wanted to share our weekend plans with you as a way to challenge you;

What are you doing to be active this weekend? Are you involving loved-ones? Are you doing something within your community?

I really urge you to consider participating in a 5K walk/run. You don't have to run at all. It is a great way to spend time with friends and family while helping a great cause in your community; and it is a great workout too!

Happy weekend everyone!