Monday, 29 December 2014

Turning off the Negative Self-Talk

When something goes wrong what is your immediate response? If it is to start a mental tirade of self-blame, you are not the only one. Anyone who struggles with emotional eating has a series of pre-recorded "kick myself in the ass", self-blame lecture that start automatically that seem to be triggered with the least provocation. 

These negative conversations are so deeply ingrained that often we are not even aware of them until we take the time and energy to be mindful of them and their resulting negative effects on our self - image,  spirit, mindset, and mood. I challenge you to spend the next week or so listening to your internal records;  especially focus on the times when something goes wrong. These negative messages took years to become entwined in your brain and will take time to be deleted or re - recorded into positive messages.  So be gentle with yourself and take the time to identify and re-word yours.

I first became aware of my negative records years ago and have been working on changing them, one by one, ever since. Tonight I was reminded that re-wording our inner voice is a life-long journey. I received a Misfit activity tracker by my wife for Christmas.  An amazing gift to help encourage me back on track in my journey to living a healthier lifestlye! After a playdate with cousins, shopping in several stores, and putting my Chicklets to bed, I suddenly realized that my wrist where I wear this devise like a watch was missing.  Needless to say, I panicked! I started, quite automatically,  my inner dialog which, to my surprise, was extremely negative. It was not my typical "it is always my fault" lecture that I usually start with by generally ignore after years of practice.  This was much more negative and harmful.  I found my inner voice saying, "Of course you lost it really think you deserve it? Do you really think you will ever succeed at living a healthy lifestyle?!"

I did find my Misfit and it is safely back on my wrist. I really took pause at where my inner voice went during this situation. I had no idea that my pre-recorded messages had the capability to be that negative still.....adter all these years of working on changing them! I am so glad that I am so in tune with my inner voice and will immediately work to re-record this message! I will also be on the lookout for other subtle recordings that may still be sabotaging my journey to better health. Tonight was a great lesson for me. I neecd to continue to be aware of my little inner voice and make sure that it is on track with me, not working against my efforts.

Where is you inner voice? Is it in sync with your lifestyle changes or is it a rogue agent sabotaging your best efforts?

Food for thought....

Yours in Health,