Tuesday, 5 November 2013

Weight Loss is NOT a Physical Challenge

<H2>Weight loss>/H2>

Weight loss is not a physical challenge.....really!?!? I am pretty sure that when I was struggling to stay standing and NOT pass out while on the elliptical machines yesterday, it was pretty much a physical thing!! Really, all kidding aside, Dolvett from Biggest Loser reminds me weekly how my journey to a healthier lifestyle is in fact, not largely a physical issue but a mental one.

Each and every person who struggles with weight loss has something in their past that is the main reason for their struggle. It is not that you are lazy, or don't eat enough healthy food. Those are definitely contributing factors, but when we strip away all of our excuses and bad habits, at the real core of our struggles is some emotion "thing" that is holding us back. This my friends, is the biggest and final hurtle to climb over. Then and only then will our lifestyle changes be a permanent reality for you.  This is easier said than done....but you will be so happy when you have completed this part of the journey!!

<H2Hardest Workout EVER</H2>

Your hardest, most intense, most draining, most tiring workout you will EVER complete will not happen in a gym, using weights, or even break a sweat! Breaking away from the mental chains holding you back from living your healthiest life is going to be an intense emotional workout harder than any physical workout you have experienced so far. I am not saying this to frighten you or persuade you to not deal with this issue. I just no longer believe in sugar-coating the truth; this journey is not easy! So let's face this hurtle together and soar towards our goals!

My next set of blogs will be focusing on steps to break free from these mental chains that are holding us back from moving forward in authentic, purposeful steps towards us becoming our healthiest, best, selves that we are meant to be! So I hope you join me on this part of my journey and join in the discussion by leaving your thoughts in the comments below.

Are you ready? Let's hold hands and take the first step off the cliff to enlightenment together;

Step 1:   Identifying your mental chains

Yours in Health,