Thursday, 26 September 2013


HELLO OUT THERE.............

Is anyone around?

Well.......I am going to take a leap of faith and begin spending time posting on this blog again. I had become discouraged from a lack of "followers" but realized that when I did share each post on my personal Facebook page I received a lot of response and support from friends and family and I have missed that.

So thank-you all for your words of encouragement and support. I hope that you will continue to help keep me accountable and motivate me to become better than the "me" that started this blog months ago.

I have been in need of a serious dose of MOTIVATION recently.....well really for the last month. My routine of healthier food choices and exercising at the gym 5 times a week really fell apart during the summer months. As a supply teacher, I have the privilege of being at home with my three Chicklets during the summer break. We were away several times and my routines became a lower priority on my list. Our family had two wonderful trips camping and an amazing 2 week vacation in Florida. We had a lot of quality family time and I would not trade that in for the world. Dancing with Donald Duck during a street party was pretty fantastic too!

I have come to terms with the fact that I took a few steps back and no longer blame myself or allow myself to feel guilty or somehow feel like a failure. I did, but that time is now over. There are a few reasons for this turn-around for me;

1. I have amazing family and friends who lovingly support me and gently "push" me towards healthier thoughts, healthier emotions, and healthier choices.
2. My body has begun to send me very convincing "messages" that it misses the workouts it had become accustomed to; My hips knees back hurts......I get out of break after walking up a flight of stairs know what I mean....
3. I have been given an opportunity to not only educate myself about healthier living, but help bring this information to others through the internet. I will be writing posts and articles for some blogs and websites beginning this week. Some of these pieces will be linked to this blog so please watch out for them!!

So I am "back on the horse" so to speak. I will be doing my weights routine and cardio at the gym tomorrow and my nutrition choices will again include protein shakes, LOTS of water and PGX. It is very energizing to feel this way again; excited, motivated, and ready to go!

I even look forward to releasing some of the emotional reasons for the "funk" I was in by blogging about it on here. Not to vent, but, if by me sharing I can help just one person turn that corner or break that blockage holding them back from moving forward in their journey to better health then my posts on here are more than worth it.

Thanks for joining my journey again,