Thursday, 25 July 2013

Healthy Lifestyle While On Vacation

It has been a while since I have been able to spend time on my blog. Summertime is a season of camping, swimming, and hanging with my family. But alas, my journey to better health should NOT be taking a hiatus!

I have struggled, to be completely honest, since the end of school. Without the routine of the school year and work more time has been spent socializing and away from home. This presents certain challenges like getting to the gym and fitting in healthy options like protein smoothies and an appropriate amount of fruits and veggies each and every day (When camping with a family of 5 out of one cooler it gets challenging!). It is also a time (historically) for me to sit and read and visit and EAT! As I returned to the gym I realized that I could not continue to live my summers as I had in the past.

As I plan to head for another week of camping I have decided to come up with a plan to make sure I do not have to face an increase on the scale once I return home. I can't think of a more accountable way than to post it here on my blog. So here is my plan while camping;

1. Take home made granola bars to snack on when others' are partaking in "treats" and to break into my morning yogurt.
2. Take along my 52oz Bubba Insulated Mug for ice water EVERYWHERE I go including the beach.

3. Bring and WEAR my running shoes to take at least 45 minute walks each and every day.
4. Walk the sand dunes (up to 50 feet up the dunes to the path) to the beach and back twice each day. We always go to the beach unless it is raining so this means one extra trip a day.
5. Take my PGX at least twice a day to help my feeling of full to last after meals and into the evenings. There is always lots of evening eating around the campfire!
6. Eat fruits and veggies each day (we shop for three days at a time)

I am going into this trip aware of mistakes taken our last camping trip. With this plan for activity and better eating I know I will not only stay away from gaining weight but also feel soooo much better physically and mentally while I am away. Last time I came home feeling like I was full of junk (which I was) and with almost no energy. I have no intention of feeling like that EVER again!

So when you are heading out on your next vacation, or staying for a staycation; don't put your healthy lifestyle on the backburner. Even when camping without water or electricity I know I can still take be active and make healthy choices when it comes to what I eat!

Yours in Health,