Saturday, 8 June 2013


Good day all!

I wanted to update you on my journey to a better lifestyle. I realized that I had been blogging but not about the many changes that I have been experiencing.

I feel soooo much better about myself; physically and emotionally. I have so much more confidence in myself and my ability as a teacher, mother, spouse, woman, and friend.

I have noticed how my energy level is so much higher; as long as I continue to workout!! I have accepted that working out is not a means to an end but a permanent part of a healthier lifestyle.

At the gym I have noticed that my endurance and strength have increased dramatically just since Easter Weekend when I joined! I can now run 5 minutes straight on the treadmill and my weights are increasing each week or so.

My clothes have been slowly getting bigger. It amazes me how big some of them are and I am still wearing them! Working out in shorts that are really big on me is becoming a bit of a problem....but a GOOD problem!!

I had a goal of fitting into a pair of capris I had bought last summer but never fit into. My goal was originally by the end of June; but I did not feel that I was progressing so I moved that time line to Mid July. After telling my friend Lindsay about this goal yesterday I decided to try them on to see how much closer I was to my goal (you see when I first bought them I could not even do the zipper up half way!). I wore those capris yesterday!!!! I felt WONDERFUL!!

I still don't know how many inches I have lost, or really how much weight I have lost to date. I did not take my measurements when I began this journey and I only weigh myself once a month or so. I don't NEED to know these numbers to know that I am getting healthier each and every day. I feel it and see it in so many other ways!

How is your journey going? Remember that no one has perfect days each and every day. As Julia Havey told me, "As long as there are more good days than bad in a month, you are having success!!"

Watch for another update during the summer. I have set new goals for myself and I will let you know how they are going!

Yours in Health,